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Residential/Commerical Window Film/Tint

Busters Blinds is the only Authorized Dealer for 3M™ Window Film Tinting North of Grand Rapid, providing all types of Sun/Glare Control, Security, and Decorative Film/Tint for residential homes and commercial buildings. Sun Control Film and Security Film can detour unwanted entry, help lower energy bills, reduce fading, and decrease sun glare.

We will offer SPECIAL Discounts and will beat any other window tinting film written estimates, GUARANTEED!

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Learn About Safety and Security Film
To learn more about security film in school check out http://www.schoolsafetyfilms.com

Learn How 3M Sun Control Window Tinting Films Works

3M™ Sun Control Window Tinting Films are engineered to help reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through window glass by increasing the solar reflection (not necessarily visible reflection) and solar absorption through the glass.  Typical colored or dyed window films work primarily through increased absorption.  The color absorbs the solar energy at the glass, thus thinning out the direct transmission into the way. These films offer only marginal performance when compared to reflective films.  Reflective films are films that have been precision coated with metals. These metalized films are designed to increase the Solar energy reflection of the glass and some of the assimilation. 3M™ Sun Control Window Film reflective films range from moderate to excellent in solar performance (heat gain reduction).

How Window Tinting Film Works

How Window Tinting Film Works2

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Traverse City: 231-935-4336
Suttons Bay: 231-271-4740
Grand Rapids: 616-813-4890


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